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We work with local contractors in many ways:


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We work with local contractors in many ways:

  • We hire contractors directly to clean, secure, and maintain our properties prior to resale.
  • We hire contractors directly to provide job-cost estimates for the renovation of our available properties.
  • We may hold events or workshops for you to attend and/or meet with potential clients.

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Demolition Contractor

Bidders added to the Land Bank’s prequalification list shall have the capability to perform any possible future contract and the integrity and reliability to assure good faith performance. This requirement includes the availability of the appropriate financial, material, equipment, facility, personnel, ability, expertise, and experience necessary to meet all contractual requirements.

current bid opportunities

RFQ #02-082021 Removal of Down Trees on Property

Blight Authority of Memphis, Inc. (BAM) is accepting proposals in response to this Request for Quote in order to find a qualified source to provide one-time landscaping services for the entire property to immediately address specifications as outlined in the scope.

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RFQ #01-062021 Real Estate & Brokerage Services

Blight Authority of Memphis, Inc. (BAM) is seeking a real estate firm to provide brokerage and marketing services for BAM-owned residential properties BAM within the Cordova Memphis 3.0 Neighborhood District, which includes both current and future acquired vacant lots and lots containing vacant structures.

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