In Partnership, In Action

The Blight Authority of Memphis (BAM) is ready to ACT—ready to play a more meaningful role in the local fight against vacant, abandoned, and deteriorated (“VAD”) properties in service to the neighbors and neighborhoods that are negatively impacted by systemic vacancy, abandonment, and disinvestment. To get things rolling towards implementation, BAM partnered with the Center for Community Progress to help position BAM to play a more active role, in partnership with and support from local key stakeholders, in addressing VAD properties in the city of Memphis; and to identify and build consensus around some pilot projects and strategic action steps that BAM can pursue over the next two years to advance BAM’s role and mission, aligned with its partners and as part of a broader and more comprehensive approach to VAD properties.

This Action Plan is intended to not only help give direction and suggest prioritization to BAM, but also to uplift and honor the many local stakeholders and community partners that are excited by the promise and value BAM can bring to the local fight against blighted properties. It is meant to offer local decision-makers and elected officials a menu of services BAM can uniquely provide in support of neighborhood-driven stabilization and revitalization efforts—and to describe the resources needed to carry out this critical work.

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