Blight Authority of Memphis works to tackle blight at the root with neighborhood insight

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The Blight Authority of Memphis, Inc. is working to address those blights but staff members say the real challenge is trying to identify the severity of the troublesome properties. Inside one abandoned home on Alcy Road, all you can see is the ceiling is caving in, floors covered in debris and the furniture is decorated with cobwebs.
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Date Published: October 1, 2020
Writer: Kirstin Garriss, CMG Washington News Bureau

BAM in the media

Fighting Blight in Memphis. With Leslie Smith and Austin Harrison

Fighting Blight in Memphis. With Leslie Smith and Austin Harrison

This week, Memphis Metropolis gets deep into the weeds to understand the causes of blight and how community developers are using innovative tools to eradicate it, one property at a time. First, Leslie Smith, executive director of Blight Authority of Memphis, explains what a land bank authority can do and how BAM’s creation brought some new tools to the table in the city’s efforts to fight blight.

Later in the show, regular commentator (and self-described ‘blight nerd’) Austin Harrison returns to discuss the economic impact of blight on neighborhoods and the city, and why acknowledging the racist causes of blight – including public policies that supported redlining and predatory lending – are key to developing equitable ways to eradicate it.

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