Land Deposit Programs
Are you a non-profit that is holding properties for future development? Let us help!

About this Program

The Land Deposit Program is used by BAM as a tool to further its mission to convert vacant, abandoned, foreclosed, or tax-delinquent properties into productive use, reduce blight, increase property values, and improve the quality of life in Memphis neighborhoods by facilitating redevelopment and revitalization efforts of local Nonprofits.

The Land Deposit Program (or the “Program”) involves transactions in which a Nonprofit transfers property to BAM to be held in the Land Bank tax free for a defined short term, pending a transfer of the properties back to the Nonprofit. By holding properties in the Land Bank, BAM temporarily reduces holding costs for the Nonprofit, while the Nonprofit assembles properties or engages other activities, such as pre-development planning, financing, and structuring, in furtherance of an approved project. Providing this incentive to local Nonprofits encourages community-led economic development efforts.

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