Land Deposit Programs
Are you a non-profit that is holding properties for future development? Let us help!

About this Program

As part of Blight Authority of Memphis’ mission of returning vacant, abandoned, foreclosed or tax-delinquent property to productive use, BAM may acquire property in certain geographic areas or in collaboration with partners. By strategically assembling parcels of abandoned and blighted properties over time, BAM will be able to assist in the redevelopment and revitalization of Memphis neighborhoods. 

The Land Depository program serves as a redevelopment incentive tool to empower nonprofit organizations' ability to build an assembly of properties or hold a portfolio of properties for a nominal fee up to five years. More specifically, the Deposit Agreement consists of transactions in which a partner transfers real property to BAM to hold in its inventory, pending a transfer back to the original Partner. This program will allow for participating nonprofits to cut development costs during the duration of time it takes for project financing, land assembling, and construction building to take place. Questions about this program? Email BAM Support team at and someone will reach out to you to offer assistance.

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