Aligning the tools to address blight at the root!

The Blight Authority of Memphis (BAM) will be hosting a Blight Summit, March 23rd to convene stakeholders and partners to have a focused discussion around how BAM can play a more active role in addressing blight.

The Center for Community Progress—the nation’s leading experts on land banks, policies, and strategies to counter vacancy and abandonment—will be facilitating the Summit’s discussion through an inclusive, thoughtful process that will inform BAM’s Action Plan over the next few years.

More specifically, the Summit will seek to reach a consensus on appropriate action steps among participating stakeholders, including pilot projects, that BAM may pursue in the next two years to advance its goals and mission. The Summit will also explore and identify other reforms or actions local partners may take to align better interventions, programs, policies, and investments specific to vacant, abandoned, and delinquent properties that will result in more optimal and equitable outcomes.

We want to have you at the table for this discussion. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please feel free to contact me by email at or by phone at (901) 355-0750.


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