Property Donations
Have a property you’d like to sell or donate to the Land Bank? We’d love to talk with you about it!

About this Program

To aid in facilitating the process of converting vacant properties to productive use, BAM can receive donations of properties directly from property owners to offload burdensome properties that pose harm and liabilities to the surrounding houses in the neighborhood.

BAM’s ability to exercise this strategy will be limited to the available financial resources and operational capacity to support this acquisition. BAM may choose to pay back taxes, fees, penalties, and other costs associated with property acquisition.

The most important criteria are that the owner be able and willing to convey a clear title to the Blight Authority of Memphis. No property transfer will be complete until the BAM Board of Directors approves the application, and the terms of the Sales Purchase Agreement are met. Once donated, the Land Bank has successfully received properties; BAM reserves the right to design, rehabilitate, maintain, sell, or demolish properties.

Questions about this program? Email the BAM Support team at and someone will reach out to you to offer assistance.

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Applicants interested in donating real estate must initiate the process by completing the BAM Property Donation Application in its entirety. This form is necessary for us to perform due diligence for the BAM Board of Director's approval and a title search quickly and accurately. Please complete the form below. Failure to provide all information may delay real estate closing. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please contact us at (901) 355-0750 or send your email inquiry to

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